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backpackerPublished in the USA, the Backpacker forum has great discussions and information on trekking gear and equipment. You want to research a new backpack or seek feedback on a new jacket? This is the place to go! The  on line magazine also has excellent articles on trekking, fitness, preparing for treks etc.

newlogo2For travel. trekking, wildlife in India this is the travel forum! Lots of knowledgeable users and information available to plan most trips across the country.


Possibly the best message board for information on Nepal treks and trekking. Has some very knowlegeable members with a wealth of Nepal trekking experience. Almost all the possible treks in Nepal have been covered on this site.  I visit it daily!

header_760Whether you are planning on taking an epic backpacking trip, going for a day hike, or just talking a quick walk around the park, has hiking instructional videos will help you become the hiker, walker, or backpacker you want to be. Produced by professional outdoors and hiking experts, these  instructional hiking videos can provide everything you need before you set out into the wilderness. Hiking Vidoes at 

bplcom_logoThis is the site for the ultralight backpacker! Tons of information on shedding weight and still being warm and comfortable.


  Cartsen Nebel has spent years in the Himalayas trekking and maintaining meticulous diaries. His site is a treasure trove of information for trekkers and mountain lovers alike! Well worth a visit!


everestnewsThis is the site where Everest climbers, trekkers and mountaineers come for news! Daily news updates from different parts of the Himalaya! Please do visit Everest News !
MainMenuImageJerome Ryan has been photographing and trekking in Nepal and Tibet for the last fifteen years. His web site has a large number of photographs on the region. The Everest region is very well represented. Please do visit  Mountains of Travel Photos

George Mallory and Andrew Irvine vanished on Everest in 1924 going strongly for the summit. Noel Odell who was the last to see the pair had said “I search-for-mallory-irvine-camp-on-mount-everestsaw the whole summit ridge and final peak of Everest unveiled. I noticed far away on a snow slope leading up to what seemed to me to be the last step but one from the base of the final pyramid, a tiny object moving and approaching the rock step. A second object followed, and then the first climbed to the top of the step. As I stood intently watching this dramatic appearance, the scene became enveloped in cloud once more, and I could not actually be certain that I saw the second figure join the first.” Conrad Anker an experienced Everest climber found the body of Mallory in 1999. For an  account of Mallory’s life as well as his Everest expeditions and “finding Mallory” please do visit this wikipedia link .  The last chapter of Mallory and Irvine is well documented in this Everest News article by the climbers who went to search for them.  For a detailed account of the search for Andrew Irvine please visit by Tom Holzel.