On most of my treks in Nepal, I am asked how does one get emergency evacuation insurance covering helicopter evacuation?
This was quite a grey area for me but after some research and with the help of some friends in the USA and UK, I was able to put together this note which would be useful to all trekkers and climbers.
Firstly, let me say that you cannot get this insurance in Nepal or India. No insurance company in these two countries provides this insurance.
The largest world-wide rescue organization in the USA is Global Rescue, which provides rescue services in every country of the world, without elevation restrictions, for injury, natural disasters, and terrorists’ attacks.  International diplomats and business executives use Global Rescue. It is  however expensive for a recreational trekker/ climber.  https://www.globalrescue.com/
 World Nomads is one of the companies which provide emergency helicopter evacuation insurance in Nepal for trekkers. Our clients have used this emergency evacuation policy and it has worked every time.

We reproduce below the details from the World Nomads site below:

Travel Insurance: Trekking in Nepal and Helicopter Evacuation

We are constantly asked “if I become sick or injured while trekking in Nepal, is helicopter evacuation covered?” and “How does it all work if I need helicopter evacuation?”

Let’s say first that YES, medical evacuation from the mountains by helicopter is covered by the policy when it is medically necessary!

BUT, you will only be fully covered if you contact our Emergency Assistance Team BEFORE any helicopter evacuation can be arranged.

Why must I contact the Emergency Assistance Team first?
Because the emergency assistance team are the experts who can arrange your helicopter evacuation using a reputable helicopter company and they also guarantee the payment to this company.

Wherever possible, contact the emergency assistance team yourself or ask a friend to do it for you. This is because we have had cases where some unscrupulous operators and guides say they’ve received our go-ahead when they haven’t so it’s best if you contact the emergency assistance team yourself.

And even more worrying, helicopter operators inflate flight hours to gain more money and guides of trekking companies gain commission payments as a result of calling for the helicopter evacuation of insured trekkers. All of this results in the insurer paying unnecessary bills, and trekkers often being taken off the mountain when they didn’t need to miss out on the rest of their trek. Who wants to go all the way to Nepal and only trek for a day or two when a little rest and recuperation was all that was needed to keep going?

So ALWAYS contact the Emergency Assistance Team if helicopter evacuation is medically necessary as this way, you are in safe hands and you’ll be covered!

What you’re covered for (Standard Policy)
Overseas Medical & Dental Expenses USD $5,000,000
Hospitalisation or treatment by a doctor or specialist 100% of expenses ­
Prescribed medicines by a doctor or specialist 100% of expenses ­
Pain relieving dental treatment $300 ­
Counselling after an assault or mugging $250 ­
Daily emergency cash allowance in hospital $2,000 ($50 per day) ­
Physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment Not included ­
Treatment by acupuncturist or osteopath Not included ­
Adventure sports and activities
Standard sports & activities ­
Study, work & volunteer
Non­ manual work only
24 hour Emergency Assistance
Emergency Medical Transport, Evacuation, Repatriation & Travel Expenses USD $500,000
Medical evacuation or repatriation home Included ­
Ambulance transport Included ­
Personal support and accompaniment $5,000 ($250/day) ­
Compassionate emergency repatriation Included ­
Accidental death ­ repatriation of remains $15,000

24 hour Emergency Assistance
Contact the Bupa Global Assistance Team from anywhere in the world (24 hrs, 7 days):
Phone Denmark: +45 70 23 24 61
(Not toll free. Call via an operator reverse charge/collect.)
Text your policy number: +45 42 41 30 00
(Text message only. No phone calls.)
Email: [email protected]
All itemised phone call/text costs are claimable.

For more information please do visit the web sites given above.