Trekkers Poon Hill

For a list of camping and trekking equipment stores in India please view/download this attachment  CampingTrekkingequipmentinIndia

 Sleeping Bag  You need one even though the lodges have quilts and blankets
 Daypack or Hip belt or small backpack 25-30 litres  To carry water, one jacket some nuts, chocolates, cap, camera etc
 Boots or Trekking shoes  one pair
 Sandals or slippers for camp  lightweight to wear in the evenings
 Socks  2 pairs to carry one pair to wear
 Gloves  one pair
 Underwear  1 to wear and 2 to carry
 Woollen or Fleece Cap  one
 Heavy Jacket  the warmest you can get as nights and early mornings are cold, down is the best for this.
 Thermals underwear/long johns top and bottom  inner layer to wear at nite and early morn
 T shirts for walking  one to wear and 2 to carry
 Trousers/tights etc  one to wear and one to carry light weight preferred
 One wind breaker or wind jacket  useful in case of wind- optional
 Torch  one small needed per family
 Sunbloc  one small tube should be ok spf 30 or 50
 Essential Medicines  vitamins, headache,  fever, etc plus any other specific medicines which you have
 Hiking Poles /Stick  if you have bad knees then this is recommended especially on the down hills!!
 Water Bottle  one no 500 ml  or 1 litre is ok you can use the 500 or 600 ml emplty coke or pepis bottles
 Sun glasses  the sun is strong in the day
 Cap for the sun  ditto!
 small towel  for baths and wash up in case you can use the hot shower
 Toothbrush, paste, razor, foam, shampoo, comb, vaseline  
 Wet ones- wet tissues  called wet ones in India
 Washing powder – small surf etc and a small clothes line  to wash clothes en route if needed
 Nuts, raisins, chocolates, sweets  can be divided into small packets for daily use
 Iodine tablets or liquid  available in Kathmandu
 Volini or any other gel for aches and pains  
 Some Candles and matches  
 Spare plastic bags  
 Book to read