South Col Expeditions will revisit Ladakh in the autumn of 2023 and trek the unspoilt six day route from the monastery of Phyang in the Indus Valley to Hunder in the Nubra valley! Sculpted canyons and fantastic rock formations, medieval villages,  Buddhist gompas and snow-peaks.  For more details and cost download the pdf at Download Tab.
This is a full service trek with tents, meals, ponies and ponyman support!

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Day 01 Delhi to Leh ,We take the spectacular one hour flight over the Himalayas to Leh. Be prepared to sit on the left hand window seat for the best views. The rest of the day is spent acclimatizing in Leh.

Day 02 Acclimatization day in and around Leh ,We take the opportunity to visit some of the splendid monasteries in and around Leh like Shey, Thikse, Hemis etc.

Day 03 Leh- Phyang- Phyang phu (4 hrs) 3800 metres, We will drive to Phyang and after visiting the Monastery trek to Phyang Phu. Today is a short day in terms of walking but a good day for acclimatization.

Day04 Phyang phu- South base of Lasermo 4500m (4 hrs). After a leisurely breakfast, we will continue our trek to the base of Lasermo La 4700 m.which we will reach by lunchtime.

Day  05 South base of Lasermo- North base via Lasermola 5400m (6-7 hrs) 4600m. Today we start quite early in the morning as we will cross the Lasermo Pass (5400m). The top of Lasermo pass offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding peaks, the Indus valley and the Shayok Valley. The trail from the pass towards our camp passes rough moraines for an hour and a half. It is important to start early, as the ponies must cross the glacier before midday in order to avoid difficulties arising from snow and ice melting. The campsite is in a beautiful meadow and offer opportunities to explore and see flowers growing at high altitude.

Day 06 North base- Hundar Dok (5 hrs) 4300m. Today we will walk down through meadows, flowers, and sometimes rocks. Most of the time, we will be walking along the Hundar stream. After following the stream for a while, we will pass through shepherds' huts, where the men and women from Hundar Dok Village live with their Yaks, cows, goats and sheep. Our campsite is just above the Village of Dok Gongma (Upper Dok).

Day: 07 Hunder upper dok- Skarchen (5 hrs) 3500m. We will pass through the villages of Dok Gongma, Dok Yokma and Wachan, which are names of different places with concentrations of scattered houses belonging to a common village known locally as Hundar Dok. If you are not in a hurry to get to your camp at Skarchen (a place where some of the local families go with their animals during the winter), you can spend some time exploring the villages and share a few moments getting to know the locals.

Day: 08 Skarchen- Hunder (4 hrs) 3017m. The last day of trekking is through the beautiful Hunder Gorge, which opens up just before descending to Hunder Bridge. Before the final descent we will have a great view of Saser Kangri (7672m).

Day 09 Hunder -Leh After breakfast drive back to Leh via Khardong La Pass 5606mts the highest motorable in the world.

Day 10: We take the early morning flight back from Leh to Delhi and reach civilisation.


August 28th  to 6th September 2023 Delhi to Delhi


Rs 66,500 plus 5% GST for Indian passports and USD 900 plus 5% GST for foreign passports

  Duffle Bag All the equipment listed below other than what you need for the day should be packed into a duffle bag, locked and handed over to the ponies in the morning.  The duffle bag should not weight more than 10 kgs! 
1 Sleeping Bag Warm sleeping bag is needed at least three season rated to 15F
2 Daypack or Hipbelt  To carry water, one jacket some nuts, chocolates, cap, camera to keep with you in the day, maybe gloves and cap as well, hiking poles etc. - 25 to 30 litre size should be sufficient
3 Boots or  Trekking Shoes one pair  
4 Slippers or Sandals for camp lightweight to wear in the evenings
5 warm Socks 2 pairs to carry  and one pair to wear
6 Gloves one pair 
7 Underwear 1 to wear and 2 to carry
8 Warm Cap one- Wool or fleece is usually good
9 Heavy jacket  the warmest you can get as nights and early mornings are cold - down is usually preferred otherwise a warm synthetic filled jacket.
10 Thermal Underwear ( top and bottom) - long johns inner layer to wear at night and early morning ;  
11 Mid Layer Usually a jacket of fleece or wool which can be worn over a thermal layer or by itself while walking 
12 T shirts for walking one to wear and 2 to carry - if the sun is hot you can walk in a T shirt
13 Trousers /tights etc one to wear and one to carry light weight preferred
14 One Rain Jacket /Wind Jacket/Soft Shell jacket / Rain Poncho useful in case of wind ... you may need it in light rain though we would usually take shelter and wait for the rain to stop. Ladakh is in the rain shadow so we do not expect heavy rain.  
15 Torch or headlamp one small needed  carry one set spare batteries Petzl is one of the best
16 Sun bloc one small tube should be ok spf  50
17 some essential medicines vitamins, headache,  fever,  pain killers, diamox for altitude, your own specific medicines  etc
18 Hiking poles if you have bad knees then this is recommended especially on the down hills!!
19 Water bottle  one no 500 ml  or 1 litre is ok you can use the 500 or 600 ml empty coke or pepis bottles
20 Sun glasses the sun is strong in the day
21 Cap for the sun ditto!
22 small towel for baths and wash up in case you can use the hot shower
23 toothbrush, paste, soap, shampoo, vaseline, comb and any other toilet items you may need!
24 wet tissues - wet ones for bathroom called wet ones in India
25 some washing powder surf etc small to wash clothes en route if needed
26 Nuts, raisins etc all mixed up can be divided into small packets for daily use
27 Chocolates /Energy Bars/Amul cheese slices/tea bags Carry some chocolates or energy bars to have on the way. Amul cheese slices are very useful and can be had as snacks when you are tired of sweets!
28 Sweets for energy
29 Volini  gel/ Bengay etc for aches and  pains or any other equivalent
30 Iodine or chlorine tablets  for water purification Potable Aqua is one of the available brands fr iodine
31 Electral or any other rehydating salts Carry a few small packets  of electrolyte - useful to have mixed with water if dehydrated
32 some spare plastic bags to pack  wet stuff, dirty clothes etc   
33 Book in case you want to read on the way and IPOd for music optional!
34 Two  small locks one for your duffle bag and one as backup
35 Clothes line with hooks on either side in case you want to hang up your wet clothes to dry outside!!
36 Super Glue  To patch up boots that may give way!
37 Face mask  For dust, cold winds etc available in kathmandu
38 Extra shoe laces  one pair
39 Small mug for tea coffee hot chocolate In case you want to use your own mug for this and not the trekking supply!


Sujoy Das 


[email protected]