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For those of you who are not on a trekking tour to Bhutan these day walks are ideal to combine with visits to monasteries and other cultural centres.

Tigers Nest Paro 3120 metres

The walk from  the roadhead to the monastery of Tigers Nest perched high on a steep cliff is one of the most rewarding experiences in Bhutan. Even though there are ponies which take you up to the plateau below the monastery, it is far nicer to walk. The trail starts up from the roadhead 20 minutes from Paro town and climbs steeply for the first 45 minutes. There is both a long trail which meanders around the hill side suitable for ponies and slow walkers while there is a shorter steeper trail which goes straight up the hill like a short cut. Both trails meet at a point near the cafeteria which is a suitable stop for lunch on the way back.  The climb to the top is likely to take between 2 and 3 hours depending on stops and walking speed. On the way down it should be much quicker. The  monastery is fabulous and well worth the couple of hours spent there.  Tatsang means "tigers lair" and legend has it that Guru Padmasambhava flew to Tatsang  on the back of a tigress. This day hike which should take half a  day is also a good acclimatisation preparation for longer treks in Bhutan and we normally do this on our second day in Bhutan.

Thimpu to Tango and Cheri Monastery

This is a rewarding half day hike if you are in Thimpu.  You need to drive around 18 km which should take 30-40 minutes to reach the base of the climb. There is a parking lot and the bottom where you car can wait.   On the way you can visit Zampa Lhakhang which is the national centre of astrology in Bhutan. Both Tango and Cheri monasteries are located close by on two side hills. You can decide to hike one  first and then come down before you ascend the other one.  It is also possible to do just one of the monsteries. It would take around  2 hours up and down to do any one monastery.